Jane Liddon

Jane was born in Dover and at the age of 6 she arrived by ship in Fremantle with her parents, uncle and aunt.

After graduating from Art School at Curtin University, Jane taught at Lance Holt and Fremantle Community School.

Jane took over the family cray fishing operation at the age of 28 and skippered the family’s boats until 2009 when her son’s Jesse and Sam took over. Jane spends several months every year on the pearl farm and she seeds most of the mabé that features in her jewelry designs.


Studio Girls

In Minang West Sumatra women buy their husbands. Money and goods are given to his parents as part of a spectacular three day wedding ceremony. After the third day, the husband moves in with the his wife’s family. Women own most of the land and it is passed down through the eldest daughter.

The Minang are unique matrilineal Muslims, blending Islam with their ancient culture creating a society that values education and family above all else.

The women who hand make Dog Rock products walk to work from their small hill-side village through coconut, nutmeg and chocolate tree gardens. They sew with great care but laugh and tell stories while they are working. They are very proud of what they make and consider themselves a team. They have chosen the name “Studio Girls”

Abrolhos Pearls

Located 40 miles off the coast of West Australia, these low lying wind-swept islands are famous for shipwrecks and some of Australia’s earliest contact with Europe. The most famous was the Dutch East India trading ship Batavia that was lost in the Northern Group of islands.

The pearl farm is located on Post Office Island in the Southern Group. The waters surrounding these islands are pristine. Terns and gulls breed on the islands around the huts and seals raise their young in the lagoons.